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HEMAT TRADE OSTRAVA, a.s. (Inc.)  is a wholesale company of medium size with more than a twenty-year old tradition on European steel market. It deals mainly with deliveries and completion of metallurgical products according to JUST-IN-TIME requirements of a customer. We possess 3-ship´s expedition warehouse equipped also with a railway siding in  Ostrava Kunčice. In the connected hall we have installed electrical saws and machine drilling equipment for drilling rails for connection by Fishplates. The total warehouse area has 5500m2. For keeping our warehouse assortment we continuously buy metallurgical products from rolling mills, and/or from warehouses of our suppliers with permanently available quantity of more than 80, 000 tons. We also provide our customers with products from a new production or service-centers.
Deliveries of metallurgical products are arranged in accordance with valid Czech and European norms.
Ratio of export is 40 – 50% of turnover of the company.

Our main activity is storing and wholesale of metallurgical products on domestic and foreign market. We store and deliver crane rails, railway rails, also light – mining rails, and tram rails. We also deliver connecting and fastening accessories, especially from GANTREX and GANTRAIL production. We also store beams HEA, HEB, HEM, IPE, IPN, UPN, UPE, UE, equal angles, unequal angles, T and TB profiles, bars - flat, round, square ones. Sheet pile walls are also included in our supply, as well as smooth sheets, checkered sheets and closed profiles – JEKL, and other products from production of Polish, Czech, West European foundaries, including additional services and marketing.

We deliver metallurgical materials to end customers, trading companies, and also to private retail customers. 

We offer to our customers quick, high quality and price interesting delivery in a maximum spectrum of products and services.

Newly we offer deliveries of these materials:

  • Steel pipes with anticorosive insulation up to a diameter of 1016mm
  • 3-layer epoxyde-copolymer-polyethylene insulation according to a norm DIN 30670 ( 3LPE )
  • 3-layer epoxyde-copolymer-polyethylene insulation according to a norm DIN 30678 ( 3LPP )
  • 3LPE 1-layer epoxyde insulation according to a norm DIN 30671 ( EP )
  • Polyethylene pipes – using technology Battenfeld
  • Pressure polyethylene pipes used in gas and water pipelines, sewage networks, and for inserting telecommunication cables.

Long-term experiences from the area of metallurgical industry are used everyday during negotiations with our customers. We offer flexibility in negotiation and in business offers, completeness and reliability of deliveries of materials and documentation. We are trying to find individual approach to each customer to be not only suppliers, but also advisors, if it is necessary. We offer flexible and individual approach to solving of deliveries. Our complex service for customers includes quick processing of orders, interesting prices, cutting of materials according to requests of customers, and possibility of arranging transport.
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Quality Management System Certificate Czech version: ISO 9001: 2016

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crossroads of streets Frýdecká – Štěpaňákova

719 00 Ostrava – Kunčice

open hours:

Mon – Fri 6:30am – 6:00pm

Tel.: +420 553 105 703

Fax: +420 596 238 468

GPS coordination:

49°47'15.382"N    18°17'18.240"E

E-mail: hemat@hemat.cz